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Thank you for studying Chinese with us! Your support is much appreciated in making this Chinese lesson Free! Key Vocabulary. 比赛 (bǐsài) = game match. 网球 (wǎngqiú) = tennis ball. 手 (shǒu) = hand. 运动员 (yùndòngyuán) = athlete. 网球拍 (wǎngqiúpāi) = tennis racket. 专心 (zhuānxīn) = focused

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The 2016 Brazil Olympic Games is on its countdown and it’s about time to learn some Chinese vocabulary about sports! This article will not only show you the Chinese sports vocabulary but also tell you how to talk about sports with Chinese people, especially during Olympic Games!

网球 : tennis, tennis ... : wǎng qiú | Definition | Mandarin ...

Chinese English Pinyin Dictionary. 网 球 Trad. 網 球. wǎng qiú. tennis tennis ball CL:個|个 [ge4] Example Usage. 网 球 场 Trad. 網 球 場. wǎng qiú chǎng.


打网球 dǎ wǎngqiú to play tennis * * 游泳 yóuyǒng to swim * * 打篮球 dǎ lánqiú to play basketball * 骑马 qí mǎ to ride a horse * Adjectives 大 dà big R R 好喝 hǎohē delicious/good to drink R R 好吃 hǎochī delicious/good to eat R R 好玩 hǎowán fun R R 好 hǎo good R R 新 xīn new R R

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Earth (the planet) – 地球 dì qiú. literally “ ground/land ball/sphere “. Fan (as in fan of a team) – 球迷 qiú mí. literally “ ball/sphere enthusiast “. Match (as in sports match) – 球赛 qiú sài. literally “ ball/sphere match “. Let’s take a look at some of the sports in Chinese that include 球 qiú.

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12. Tennis. Tennis is a game in which two or four players strike a ball with rackets over a net stretched across a court. We can say “网球 (wǎngqiú)” in Chinese! Examples: 他的网球打得好。 Tā de wǎngqiú dǎ dé hǎo. He shines at tennis. 13. Volleyball “排球 (páiqiú)” means the sports name “volleyball.” Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net.

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Learn Vocabulary; Chinese Words. List – HSK Level 1; List – HSK Level 2; List – HSK Level 3; List – HSK Level 4; List – HSK Level 5; List – HSK Level 6; More Vocabulary; Chinese Characters. List – HSK 1; List – HSK 2; List – HSK 3; List – HSK 4; List – HSK 5; List – HSK 6; Chinese Phrases. I love you. Your haircut is ...