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Horace Grant kept wearing goggles after eye surgery to make ...

Horace Grant kept wearing goggles after eye surgery to make kids with glasses feel better. When you think of former NBA player Horace Grant, two things come to mind: the Chicago Bulls of the early...

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NBA All-Star Horace Grant Reveals Touching Reason He Wore ...

Horace wore the goggles for the majority of his basketball career — 12 of the 17 years he played. Though he was legally blind while he wore the goggles, Horace eventually got LASIK surgery, which corrected his eyesight. But he continued to wear the glasses on the court. Facebook

Ex-NBAer Horace Grant explains touching reason why he wore ...

While a solid NBA player, 17-year veteran Horace Grant is probably best remembered for wearing goggles on the basketball court. Although he originally wore the goggles because he was legally blind...

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As a big Chicago Bulls fan, many of my early basketball memories involve Horace Grant’s notorious goggles. Grant played a huge part in the Bulls’ first three-peat as their enforcer, rebounder, and goggle-wearer extraordinaire. Grant got them in 1991 and wore them religiously because he was legally blind.

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Horace Grant. Horace Grant is a legendary member of the early 90's Chicago Bulls. He went on to play for several more teams and earned four NBA titles. He wore goggles, starting in 1990, because he was nearsighted. Grant eventually had LASIK surgery to correct his vision, but continued to wear the goggles.

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After that incident, he did not want to risk losing his eyesight and adopted basketball goggles as a protective mechanism. Horace Grant. The legendary Chicago Bulls player Horace Grant wore goggles on the court not to prevent injuries but to see well on the court.

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Horace was declared legally blind, thus “the goggles were born”. … Grant referred to the transition as “clearly eye opening – no pun intended.” Despite getting lasik surgery later on in life, Horace continued to wear his iconic goggles to serve as a role model for kids who wear glasses.

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Horace Grant wore the glasses for 12 seasons (1992-2004) playing with it the NBA Finals and even the All-Star game in 1994. READ Kevin Durant says that to honor Kobe Bryant, players must play hard every night

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He wore Buddy Holly-style glasses along with a mustache. After signing with the Lakers in 1981, Rambis spent an unbelievable 14 seasons with the team and helped them win as much as four NBA titles during the 1980-ties.